Millie is a sweet and lovely female domestic tabby cat. She is very affectionate once she warms up. She likes bird watching and jumping on the cat tree. Though she is not a lap cat, she is great companion and likes belly rubs.

Boreas (Saxon)

Boreas (who likes to be called BeeBop) is super handsome and poised, but has spent most of his life on the streets.

Because of this, he is wary of humans until he knows he can trust you. Then he becomes a massive purr factory and will follow you around and communicates in a series of contented grunts. He loves pats and will purr and purr and purr.

He loves to have boxes to sit in and loves to stare out the window and growl at neighbours and anyone else he thinks is too close to the house (but never growls at his humans in the house or visitors).

He had a lot of dental problems and as a result had all of his teeth removed recently so Boreas will need soft food diet.

BeeBop will need to to be an inside-only cat; 1 – due to his white fur and fair features and 2 – he is FiV+.

He’s indifferent to living with other cats in the house, it seems like he thinks he is better than them. He behaves like he is the King of the house.

He needs a human who will give him lots of pats and give him nice comfy places to sleep.

Boreas is located in Jacana.

Mrs Jones

About Mrs Jones
Meet Mrs Jones!

Mrs Jones is a sweet and curious girl, with a lovely temperament. She is still learning that humans are friends – but she is very eager to learn. She can be nervous at times, and does like to have a little safe space.

We think a quiet home with maybe another friendly cat may be perfect for Mrs Jones. She is comfortable with other cats, and does approach them for snuggles.

She is very tolerant of our dog, and even has cuddled with her.

Please reach out if you if could be her forever home.


About Sylvie
Sylvie is a beautiful little girl with a big heart. She is very affectionate and gives the best head boops. She equally loves play time with the cat wand and relaxing on the couch. She has so much love to give! She also loves working from home – her favourite spot is up on the desk and she enjoys joining Zoom calls. Her special talent is carrying her favourite toys around the house. Sylvie had three kittens while in foster care and has been the best mum. She prefers human company to cat company though, and now that her kittens are all grown up she can’t wait to find a human family of her own.


He is an absolute smooch – he is always ready for a chin scratch or back rub. If you don’t notice him waiting for a pat he’ll gently rest his paw on your arm and give a very soft meow to let you know it’s time for some love (and yes, your heart will melt). He’s a true gentleman.

He has gold star kitty litter skills, scratches only on his scratching post and is all round a 10/10 house mate. He likes to chase his little tennis ball around the house but will spent the majority of his time in a sunny spot by the window keeping tabs on the neighbours.

A quiet, gentle man, he is easily startled by loud noises and would suit a quiet, child free home where he can truly relax and be the centre of attention.

He’s quite happy being left alone for periods so would suit someone who works away from home. He’ll be waiting patiently for some pats when you get home.


My name is Sansa, I am a spicy young lady. I am very talkative and like things done my way. I accept tenderness and will come to you to seek it, but you will need to understand when I say enough is enough. I am being fostered with other cats and a dog. I tolerate the other cats and I love the dog. I would be better suited to a home with an experienced or very intuitive owner who can read the signs. I do not bite or scratch, but I can be unpredictable, so I would not recommend having me in a home with young children.

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