Holly is a wonderful dog who wins the hearts of everyone who meets her. She is a loving companion dog who wants attention from everyone with a strong love for pats, belly scratches and your general attention.
Holly also loves to run around and play with other dogs who can match her energy level. She is dog friendly, getting along with dogs she meets on leash, as well as being good with smaller dogs. but would prefer to live with someone who is wanting to run around and play with her.
She is incredibly loyal and gives you endless love. She is a very active dog who loves to go for hikes and long walks as well as run around the backyard often throwing toys for herself to chase.
Holly would do best with an active family who has time to give her the love and exercise she needs and will need to have a good walk at least once a day to keep her fit and mentally stimulated.
Holly is an ex mumma who had a large litter of 9 crazy puppies at an early age. Since being with her foster family, she has also shown how very sweet and tolerant she is of a lot of things, including 9 rambunctious puppies, who often have no boundaries.
Her favourite thing to do is after a long walk is to come home, stretch out and fall asleep on a bean bag, preferably with someone!
She has become accustom to sleeping inside at her foster home and this will need to be continued in her forever home. Holly has been around and is good with older children, but new situations should always be approached slowly as she is still young and still learning.
Holly will make an excellent addition to a loving family and is well and truly ready to live the happy life that she more than deserves.


Meet Angus, an energetic, large pup who loves dogs and people. We are unsure of Angus’s pedigree but we believe mum is a Staffy X Lab and dad, possibly Bull Arab.

He is very playful and loves cuddles. He has already learned to sit and drop and will sit and wait for you to put his dinner down for him with reminders. Angus would love a large adult dog as a companion as he loves to play rough and needs to continue his manners training. He will also need a family committed to his ongoing socialisation and training.

He is familiar with children and cats, but gets excited and can injure them due to is size and enthusiasm.

Angus is an indoor/outdoor dog who will need a home where he can sleep inside with his humans.

Angus will need to be homed with another dog. He cannot go to a home where he will be an only dog.


Meet Bonnie – one happy, sweet and affectionate 13yo classy lady, with plenty of love still left to give.

Don’t let the age fool you, Bonnie is fit and healthy, and LOVES her walks! She can easily walk 3-4kms and often gets compliments on her walks that she still has the energy of a puppy! Once Bonnie’s done with her walk in the morning, she is happy to sleep the day away until the next walk in the evening. Bonnie is great with people and kids and is full of charm that she is able to woo everyone she meets to love her! Bonnie also loves cuddles, belly rubs and back stretches, and she will give you her paws to show her appreciation – so lovingly you’ll just have to keep going!

Bonnie is gentle, toilet trained, travels well in the car, and understands basic commands. Bonnie would suit couples, retired couples, or a family with older children. Bonnie is large in size (20-25kg) so a spacious home with a backyard would be ideal. Although Bonnie is ok to be on her own, she’d love to be around someone throughout the day. Whilst she is friendly with other dogs, Bonnie wishes be to the only pet in the house, so she could receive all the undivided love and attention that she deserves. She has been tested with cats and unfortunately was not good with them.

Bonnie came from a loving home, but under difficult circumstance, they could no longer look after her. If you think you can give beautiful Bonnie the right retirement home with all the love she deserves please get in touch!


Hurrow there, my name is Tèa, a beautiful 10 month old Staffy x pup sniffing around for my furever home.

I am very sensitive and timid, although I have improved a lot at my current foster home and have even started to make some human friends in the neighbourhood. I still have a long way to go. I need an experienced and patient owner or foster carer who is willing to help me with further socialisation and confidence building, and who is able to manage my fear reactions in new situations. I need VERY slow introduction to new people and I prefer to greet them ONLY when I am ready.

I can only do short walks (5-10mins, 4-5 times a day) close to home at the moment but I do LOVE a car ride, if you drive me to a quiet park I am happy to explore a bit together with you but I am not suitable for dog parks or busy places. I still find them a little overwhelming. Getting me out of the car can also be a pain.. so have treats ready to go haha
I am also a sun worshiper so a home with a good sized yard to sunbathe and run zommies is essential. Oh did I mention I also like to dig a bit if left for longer hours so a digging proof fence is also required.

I am very affectionate once I know I can trust you and I will be happy to show you ALL my Ninja moves. I am also super smart, figured out the doggy door myself first day at my foster home and house trained in 3 days. I am an energetic and playful puppy and love to play with my toys, well mainly to tear them apart. I am crate trained and sleep through the night in my crate (8am-6pm normally) and am happy to nap in my crate during the day. I know basic commands like Sit, Drop, Stay and Wait, I learn quickly although some days have a small attention span.. so will need some patience.

My ideal home would be pet and child free, and for my humans to be home more often than not. We would love someone who is partially working from home, or is part time.

Please enquire below if you have room for a cute smoosh of a girl.

Lil Man (Nelly)

Nelly is a massive sweetheart – he honestly has the biggest heart of gold.

When this big softie came to us approx. 3 months ago, we knew he had a long road ahead. He was very timid, scared of everyone & anything and it was easy to see he’d had a rough up bringing. Whilst there is still some anxiety issues, it’s been heartwarming to see Nelly grow – he now knows how act like a dog!! He has learned how to play, how to sit, drop & shake. He’s a quick learner & very respectful of boundaries. He’s extremely gentle & loveeess to cuddle up on the couch. He enjoys the company of his fellow four legged friends, although he’s still scared of unfamiliar surroundings & new people in his home – particularly men. He will need a quiet home with calm & patient people. Whilst we are confident he would never hurt anyone, his bark is very alarming for new guests to the house. Though he’s seen MASSIVE improvements, he still doesn’t do that well on walks or in the car (unfamiliar surroundings) so again, patience is very important. It’s all nervousness, so slow and gentle exposure will continue to help him a lot, but there has only been so much healing he could do in 3 months.

Nelly is very friendly with dogs and we believe another confident dog in the house would be really beneficial for him. Nelly also lived with cats prior to our care, so may be able to live with cats again, provided slow introductions and supervision at all times is undertaken.


Cardi is a very affectionate lady and around the house is quite low maintenance. She enjoys playing with her toys and zooming around her yard but majority of the time is a couch potato and is content spending work days alone when needed.

Cardi is dog reactive but has improved so much from where she started. She is muzzle trained and does wear her muzzle for all works, as she does have a history of ‘redirecting’ onto her handler when she’s been in situations that she’s ill-equipped to deal with. It’s important that her muzzle continue to be worn on walks.

She’s well trained and knows plenty of tricks. She’s a quick learner and will thoroughly enjoy further trick training. Her favourite game is tug of war, and favourite toys include squeakers, and anything that can have treats in it for her to puzzle them out.

Cardi needs an adult home with no kids or older kids where her family will promise never to give up on her as she has been let down so many times before.