Please read full bio – Ghost is an amazing dog but does have some health issues to be aware of.
Ghost is a pint-sized bouncy, energetic and affectionate English Staffy Mix. He gets along well with other dogs but would need to be the only dog in the house, as he has a tendency to “resource guard” his humans. He does not want to share his people and their pats! He is fine with full-time workers and is not destructive. For a senior boy he’s incredibly sprightly and loves going for his daily walk and a game of fetch or tug of war. He’s not suited to small children as he can get nippy and snappy when he’s overexcited – not at all in an aggressive manner but he does jump up into your face which could hurt or frighten littlies. He walks well on lead but does get overexcited when he spots another dog and will pull towards them to say hello. He is toilet trained, but has a tendency to initially ‘mark’ his territory in new places, particularly if there are other animal smells around, so you would need to be prepared for that and redirect him.

-Ghost is deaf, but it really doesn’t impair him! He’s very clever and knows the signals for “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and can be directed to a certain position e.g. to his bed/crate, in/out of an area. He is a food-motivated staffy and would be easily taught some other tricks if you took the time.
-Ghost is epileptic, and will need twice-daily medication for the rest of his life. Since being stailised on this medication he has not had a seizure for several months.
-Ghost also has some mild issues with his knees (patellas) but it doesn’t appear to cause Ghost discomfort; he still runs around like a 1 year old pup, can leap on top of tabletops (yes, naughty!) and has no problem keeping up on a hike. Our veterinary surgeon has classed his left knee as “Grade 1” and his right knee as “Grade 2” and doesn’t recommend surgery unless Grade 3 or 4 is reached. This may or may not occur, so would need to be monitored.


Bo is a loving soul who is looking for his forever family!

He is 7.5 year old staffy cross. Don’t let his breed fool you, he is incredibly sweet and cuddly.

A Perfect day for Bo would include breakfast, a walk, then spending the day on the couch with you watching movies.

Bo needs to live in a home without pets, but he would make a perfect work-from-home companion or family pet. He would also make an excellent guard dog! He barks at people that come to the door (but not excessively at every person walking past).

His favorite toys include the tug of war rope, tennis balls, and stuffed toys (that don’t usually last long).

He is very food motivated and loves treats!

Bo can’t stay in his foster home and really needs a new place to live. He would love to meet you!

Buadh (was Bella)

Buadh (boo-ah; Irish for Victory) is a lab-staffy cross who is amazing with all humans, but not so great with dogs. Buadh has made amazing progress in foster care. She knows ‘down’, ‘sit’, ‘bed’ and ‘wait’, enjoys belly rubs and treats. She shows her appreciation with adorable pig-like grunts, and has a particular love of cherry tomatoes! Buadh has the best of staffy and lab personalities and is fine to be alone for a couple of hours, but would rather live with people who are home a lot to absorb her love. She will happily snooze indoors provided she gets regular walks and mental stimulation. On walks, she likes to say hello to strangers in hopes of a pat. When she’s relaxed, she walks well and briskly on the lead. Since she is close to 30kg, her new owners will need to be strong and fit as she does pull and lunge when she sees other dogs. If they get too close she will bark in warning, and shake with fear. Buadh has come a long way in overcoming her fear of dogs from when she first arrived. Her new home will need to be dedicated to ongoing training and slow socialisation to give her the sense of security and love she needs to realise that other dogs on the street are not to be feared. It is essential that her new humans are either experienced in socialisation training, or willing to learn. If you want to hang out at the dog park, Buadh is not the dog for you. But if you want an incredibly rewarding training project with a beautiful, cheeky, very clever girl, then Buadh would love to meet you! There’s something special about this pig-grunting, musical-snoring, cherry-tomato loving snuggle bug that will make some lucky household very happy.


Hi I’m Zula, I’m a wonderful dog! I’ve got a great personality, I’m calm, non-destructive, gentle and sweet, even a little cheeky which makes me fantastic! I can sit, drop, stay, wait, up and down. I’m still practicing waiting at intersections for cars to pass.

I really want to live in a home where someone is home most of the time, I can get anxious when left on my own, however with routine I am getting more comfortable being left home for short periods of time!

I need a little bit of maintenance, I take Apoquel daily and I need a bath in Malaseb 2-3 times a week. This mostly controls the itchies and now I’m just a little itchy around my belly and mouth. The vets want me to keep trialling this Apoquel and malaseb routine for a while longer and then see how I go without it! However, in warm weather you will need to be very careful that I don’t get hot spots and lesions as these are very uncomfortable for me! I need to keep cool on those hot days to help stay healthy!

It looks like food is not the reason I’ve been itchy in the past so my vet and foster mum are slowly introducing foods to me to make sure I don’t react again! Currently I eat fish based kibble and this is great for me!

I love living inside, I’m toilet trained and will wait patiently to be taken to the toilet outside! At home, I sleep, I chew toys, I sleep some more, I might come over for a snuggle and then sleep on top of you. I love chew toys but can be a little rough with them, my foster mum has worked out some great toys for me however so please ask her! Oh, and I love my soft blanket which I chew and suck on and fall asleep with in my mouth sometimes.

If I’m honest, I’m a snuggler; I like to lick faces occasionally, car rides are ok too! I’m a happy dog outside. I am a hunter and forager. I like to smell if there’s been anything in my backyard and keep going back to make sure it hasn’t come back! At the dog park, I am a bit much for some dogs.

Please quick enquire now for more inf


Bud is a loveable boxer x staffy approximately 2 years old. When Bud first came into care he was very nervous and wary. He has come a long way but can still be shy and take time to settle into a new environment or around new people.

Bud has had some time with another confident dog where he thrived so Bud’s ideal new family will have another dog who can continue to teach him to play and become more confident. Bud hasn’t quite mastered walking on a lead and will often lay down and not want to walk. However, he is
fine having a little run around a backyard and doesn’t mind that he can’t go on long walks just yet.

Bud doesn’t mind being left at home while people are at work and will quite happily relax in the backyard and lay in the sun or chew on a bone. Bud is toilet trained, he loves being around people once he is comfortable with them, being inside with people and loves cuddles and pats. He is also happy to travel in the car.

Bud would be best suited to an adult/ older child home, he enjoys a quiet lifestyle so this would be the best option for him.

Joe AKA Hulk

I love love new people; strangers are so interesting they smell all so smelly and I give them all the sniffs when I first meet them. Doggos, on the other hand – not my fav – I mostly want to eat them. I have lived with my foster brother for about 9 months but we aren’t allowed alone and when I try to play with him he gets very upset because I just don’t know when to stop/don’t want to stop/enjoy annoying him. I can be a bit arrogant, cause I’m big and I can be and that’s just how it is!! Mostly, I am a big sook who loves a snuggle, pats and being reminded I’m a good boy. My foster mum has worked really hard on my training; I love training as long as it involves TREATS. I will do anything for food, I may even jump up on your counter and eat an entire roll of dog food in one gulp. I will also most definitely go straight to your garbage because I mean, smells. Mum always puts it on the counter if I’m in the kitchen (meanie). Okay so back to the training – I know lots of things and am still learning new things! I know how to sit, drop, crawl, touch, up, down, come, leave it, take it and am now working on learning my left and right (paws)!! I am super clever if I don’t say so myself and would love a homemade agility course. Mum has already set up quite a few things in the yard but if I had an even bigger yard I could do even more running and chasing and training and I would just be so happy. Disclaimer: birds are not allowed in my yard. I will chase them and if I catch one you will not be getting it off me cause now it’s mine and I will keep it forever until otherwise distracted. If I already sound interesting, click on the Savour Life link to read the rest of my bio!