Porsha has such a pure, kind, loving heart with old soul charm!

She will be a loyal companion as she loves to please and is a fast learner. She can be a little shy with new people and dogs at first but doesn’t take long to warm up and become best friends!

Porsha walks well on lead and is toilet trained but being so young still has a penchant for mischief and chewing things that aren’t hers when you’re not looking!

Porsha would suit living with a calm, older dog. While she loves to play, she’s more content relaxing on the couch and getting snuggles. A pet free home would be fine for Porsha too, so she can soak up all of the attention!


*Please only apply if you have breed experience with bulldogs*
Note Ozzie is not currently ready for adoption but the selected foster carer will have the option to adopt if suitable.

Ozzie is looking for a quiet and calm adult household where he will be the only pet. He requires careful introductions to new people but once he’s comfortable with you he’s a really lovely boy who enjoys human company. Ozzie displays typical behaviours of his breed so a carer with breed experience is essential.

He can be playful when the mood strikes but is generally a lower-energy dog. At the moment the world is a pretty overwhelming and overstimulating place for Ozzie, so his foster carer will be patient with Ozzie and introduce him slowly and gradually to all the joys life has to offer, so that he will grow to be a happy, confident and well-rounded pooch.


** Delilah will only be adopted to a home with an existing resident dog ** Say hello to Delilah!

Delilah is a 4 month old Staffy X who was born into the care of FFAR!

Delilah loves having doggy companions to play with in her home, but is still learning how to properly socialise with other dogs so will need a calm and tolerant doggy sibling to show her the ropes. Delilah will also need to undergo obedience training to ensure she learns all the right things about being the very best girls!

After a day of play Delilah loves to snuggle up on the couch and have a good snooze. All she needs now is her forever home!


Ginger is a lovely, quiet, sweet red dog. She is a small to medium sized dog with a shy personality, but can quickly warm up to you. She has a cute stumpy tail due to her breed and when she wags it, she wags with her whole body! She has had a few litters in her previous life and so her underside sags – but this hasn’t stopped her at all and she will be so happy to show you and flop on her side!

Ginger is a very loyal dog and when she trusts you, you will have an intelligent, treat-loving dog. Around new people and new dogs she can be a little timid. Once she feels you can protect her, she becomes braver in meeting other dogs without issue, but still needs to be watched and corrected to ensure a peaceful interaction.

Ginger loves her walks and car rides. She walks well on the lead and is surprisingly a fast paced walker and good runner! She is happiest rolling and running through grass dragging her little body over it – although this may cause her irritated skin (more on that below). She can be scared of bigger vehicles (vans, buses, trucks, trams) and just needs a reminder that you’re there to protect her and keep on walking. Despite her small legs she can jump into the back seat of the car by herself, sometimes with some encouragement and you’ll find her head out the window during the ride!

At home Ginger either loves to cuddle with you on the couch or keep a watchful eye and can be a little bit of a guard dog, but still rarely barks. She is fine at home by herself, is non-destructive and is toilet trained and can use a doggy door but also holds it well when she needs to, so she’d suit both apartments or houses. She doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety and will just snooze on the couch when you’re away from home. She was protective over toys but no longer shows resource guarding here, however she loves her bones and is a work in progress in this area.


Meet Bruno, this gorgeous boy is super affectionate, caring with a fair bit of energy for playtime. He will need a home with another energetic dog to support and play with him.

Bruno is an absolutely gorgeous boy who will melt your heart! He is very clever, can sit, stay, goes to bed on command and gives lots of kisses when asked. He is very social, currently living with his sister plus two dogs and two cats, he loves them all and loves meeting new friends but can be a little shy at first.

Bruno loves playtime, he is learning to walk on a lead, very inquisitive, loves his food (so easy to train) and has a very gentle caring nature. He would be happy to sleep on your knee all day with short burst of energy to play.

Bruno is looking for a forever family who will continue his training and give him lots of hugs and cuddle with a warm lap for him to curl up on.


DJ is the most loving and sweet old soul you will ever get the pleasure to meet. DJ absolutely thrives on human affection and will bond quickly with his people. If you love a good Netflix binge-session, than DJ is your man! He is currently living in a share house with young adults which means he has many beds to sleep on and humans to snuggle up with. He would love a family where someone is around most of the time, as he can get upset when you leave the house, but he does settle not long after so this wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for him!

DJ will need to be the only pet in the home. He is not dog social, and would like to ignore the presence of other dogs when out on his short strolls. DJ always wears his muzzle on walks, to keep everyone safe in case a loose dog rushes up to him and gives him a fright.

DJ is a large dog and when meeting new people can sometimes rear up on his hind legs towards them. This is an excitement behaviour but being a big boy will need a handler confident in stopping him and willing to continue training him on this.

If you’re ready to fill a couch-potato-shaped hole in your life, please send us an enquiry on DJ today!