Hi there, my name is Storm. Yes, as my name suggests my life has been a little stormy so far, but I’m hoping you may be the rainbow I’ve been waiting for.

So a little bit about me- I LOVE humans and I am the best snuggle buddy! My interests include binge watching TV on the couch, having all the pats, giving all the kisses, playing with toys, supervising any garden or craft projects, sunbaking and car rides. Not to brag, but I am also very well-mannered inside the home and I don’t even mind if you have to go off to work. I am crate-trained, but would be more than happy to sleep up on your bed if you’ll let me!

Sadly I did have a traumatic start to life and as a result I have a very strong fear of dogs. I take medication for my anxiety and I always wear a muzzle on walks, just in case a dog rushes up to me and gives me a fright. I do like a daily walk, but best to walk me at quieter times when I’m less likely to see dogs around.

So, what am I looking for in my forever home? Well, I need an adult only, pet free home. I also need a well-fenced yard, access to inside via a doggy door (or being allowed to stay indoors when you’re out) and quiet neighbours. This is because I am sensitive to noises and can find being outdoors quite overwhelming.

I know that’s a lot to ask for, but I hope I can find that special someone who can give me the happy life I deserve. If I can just meet the right person, I would be the perfect companion.


We think this funny fellow is a beautiful cat trapped inside a dog’s body. For example:
Touch me: Don’t touch me!
Love me: Don’t love me!
Feed me: Don’t feed me!

But this quirky side of him is so easy to love.

He also has a fetish for guarding socks and tissues, and wants to be the only four-legged in your life. It’s not too much to ask, he thinks! (It’s not that he hates other dogs and cats, but he gets jealous of them getting any attention.) Tiger might be able to live with another small dog who is fairly dominant, so that Tiger as a newcomer would know his place.

What Tiger wants most of all is a quiet, peaceful life, and somewhere cozy to sleep near his human. Ideally a bed or blankie in every room near you would be perfect! He LOVES chasing and bringing back the tennis ball to you, and adores walks. They are so exciting! As for going out in the car, he thinks that is the BEST fun and loves to ride shotgun with you, watching everything go by. And he’ll wait patiently and quietly in the car while you pop in to do your shopping!

Tiger loves treats, and will sit on command and take them gently from you. When he really trusts you, he’ll also ask for tummy rubs.

He is best around older teenage children as little ones are very unpredictable and noisy to his small ears. He isn’t fond of sudden movements and doesn’t like to feel trapped so will react if he thinks he’s being cornered. (He does, however, like his crate at his foster home and will happily stay curled up, gently snoring, until morning.)

Tiger is a beautiful boy just looking for love and understanding for all his quirks. Is Tiger your Forever Friend?


Hello, my name is Bunj, some people call me Bunji.

I’m a lover of food and cuddles but am a little bit timid, and need some time to feel comfortable even if I have met you before. Tall men with deep voices can be scary sometimes. I love the ladies though.

My foster mum says I am a good boy and have come up a long way, since first arriving into care with my foster mummy. I have learnt to go to the toilet outside, sit at the road, and respond to commands like sit, wait and lay down.

I am learning to walk nicely on the leash. At first, everything was scary and confusing. I worried about everyone, but I have been working on being calm to walk past people and now I have more confidence but will need to keep practising this with my new family.

I am learning to socialise and have walked past the dog park many times now. I like to watch the pups but am still nervous if they approach me. I need to build more confidence (which I am working on) before I spend time with other dogs.

My new family would need to be committed to ongoing training and a behaviour class would be a great idea to help me build more confidence. I am very clever, so I will learn more and be the best pup.

If you aren’t at home with me, I may feel lonely so a licky mat and a scatter of food to keep me busy.

I have so much energy especially when you come back home, I will be so excited, but I do calm down.

My foster mum says I am spoilt; I like to snuggle and will try to get on your lap for cuddles, or sit with you on your seat, that way I am getting hugs and keeping warm.

I am ready for my forever family to love and teach me more tricks. I am a bit bouncy so kids 8 or above would be my best fit. I am starting to play now, not really interested in those ball things, but maybe one day…

I am ready to love you. I would love to meet you, I will take a minute to work out if you are ok and not going to hurt me.


Ranger is a big playful goofball full of energy! You will never be lonely with Ranger as he loves to stay close to his humans, his foster mum thinks he is a shadow!

Ranger is very playful but not destructive, alert and inquisitive. Ranger makes everyone laugh at how goofy he is, especially how he sits! Any hugs or pats going are always for him as far as he is concerned.

Ranger is looking for a pet free home, he is dog & cat reactive. Sometimes he can be a little nervous to new people in the home, but when he meets them with his foster mum he is ok.

Ranger is very excitable on walks and loves car rides! He warms to everyone in no time and is very food motivated, wakes up so excited for his breakie bickies!

Ranger has had a tough life and can be a little anxious alone and vocal, however loves a treat toy with peanut butter to keep his mind going.

Ranger is looking for a pet free home with high fences, and a medium -large back yard.


Cecelia, or Cece for short as she is affectionately known in her foster home, will melt the hearts of anyone, who meets her. She is the cuddliest, sweetest girl with the most soulful eyes! All she wants to do is snuggle up with her humans. She will happily sit in your lap for hours, sleeping, giving you kisses or just watching the world go by.

Cece can be a little shy, when she first meets you, but once she is comfortable with you, she will be your best friend and your shadow all rolled into one cute package.

She loves a good play with a squeaky toy too or a Kong toy filled with a yummy treat. She also loves playing with her brother and foster sister and will let them know, who is boss.

Cece is a very smart little girl and she already knows her name, come, sit, wait for her food and to go ‘toilet’ outside. She is still young, so while her toilet training is progressing very well, she can have the occasional accident.

She has been joining her brother and big foster sister on walks outside and she has become much more confident walking on lead and meeting new dogs and humans, but she would definitely benefit from building her confidence with the outside world even further.

She is a great sleeper and will sleep right through the night in her bed with her brother.

Cece would love for her new home to have another doggie friend for her to play with and learn from.


Bruno is a gorgeous growing boy and the best mate anyone could ask for! Bruno is a Staffy X and as is
the case with many Staffies, he is very affectionate and loving. But he is also very playful and full of
energy. He loves playing with his toys, with sticks in the garden and with his little sister and his big foster
sister. He loves nothing more than playing tug-of-war with a rope with both of his dog sisters.
Bruno is a very smart boy and he is learning very fast. He knows his name, come, sit, knows to wait for
his food and knows the command ‘toilet’. He is progressing very nicely with his toilet training, but he is
still a very young boy and can have the occasional accident.
He is learning how to walk nicely on lead and just adores going for walks. He has even learnt how to put
his harness on! What a clever boy!
Bruno has excellent hearing and will let you know if anyone is at your door too – he will happily be your
doorbell for you.
Bruno would love a new home with another doggie friend for him to play with.