Charlie is a happy and playful goofball looking for a foster or forever home.

-Charlie loves his toys. Playing tug of war with people is his favourite!
-He will need a decent sized yard so he can do zoomies to his heart’s content!
-Super affectionate
-He is very intelligent and loves learning new tricks and commands
-Walks beautifully on lead with his Halti
-Absolutely loves rides in the car! Would make a great truckie companion!
-Good with children
-Charlie will need a home without other pets
-He would be best suited to quieter outer suburbs (inner burbs can be a little too overwhelming for this country boy!)
-Charlie is a healthy boy and has been desexed, vaccinated and flea/worm treated


Hello, my name is Luna, aren’t I just adorable?
I’m a happy, playful, sweet 3 year old who just loves to have a cuddle, but also enjoys some alone time. My foster family loves me so much, I get to go for a walk twice a day and walk well on my lead, watch for cats though as I might just want to go for a chase. I’m a bit cautious when it comes to meeting new dogs, but give me a chance to have a sniff and I might just have a play if I’m keen. I love to play a little rough so please find me a similar size dog to be my friend. I’d like to have a doggy friend at home, but it will need to be someone who’s my age or a bit older because they will have to be able to understand when I’ve had enough and want to be left alone. I sleep inside on my bed but be prepared, if you let me I will come on your bed. I like to be fed alone and when my family make me chicken I love them just a little bit more and if you have treats I will show you my happy face. I have learnt to sit and am learning to bring the ball back, I love toys but I’m a chewer and a digger if you let me get bored.
Hope to meet you soon!


Gorgeous Joe has been in foster care for over 12 months. During this time his carers have dedicated their time to his training and establishing what his forever home will look like. Unforeseen circumstances have meant that we are now in search of a new carer for him (to either see him through to adoption or potentially adopt in the long run). Please read Joe’s entire profile before applying as we are looking for a very specific carer for him.

Joe is a big boy weighing in at approximately 50kg. He is a goofball with a loving heart; however his size can be difficult to manage. He loves to snuggle up on the couch, cuddle you in bed, window watch and will happily play chase/zoomies in the yard. Ideally Joe’s new home will have a large rural property where he has the ability to just be a dog without worry of neighbouring houses who may misunderstand him.
Joe loves people and is always happy to meet strangers but must be the only animal in the home due to his reactivity to other dogs. Joe has previously lived with another dog, and his carers have found that he reacts differently to dogs depending on the situation. Again, due to his size we have taken every precaution to ensure his safety and the safety of others. He has interacted with children (when muzzled) with no issues. It is important that any new situations Joe is exposed to is done in a calm, productive manner to ensure he does not become overwhelmed.

Joe’s current foster family has worked really hard on his training. He is very food motivated and may even jump up on your counter and eat an entire roll of dog food in one gulp. Joe knows how to sit, drop, crawl, touch, up, down, come, leave it, take it and am now working on learning my left and right (paws)!! Joe is very clever and picks up new things quickly – he would even benefit from a home agility course!


Cardi is a very affectionate lady and around the house is quite low maintenance. She enjoys playing with her toys and zooming around her yard but majority of the time is a couch potato and is content spending work days alone when needed.

Cardi is dog reactive but has improved so much from where she started, to the point where she can calmly walk by other dogs and focus on her handler 80% of the time! She is muzzle trained and it’s important that her muzzle continue to be worn on walks.

She’s well trained and knows plenty of tricks. She’s a quick learner and will thoroughly enjoy further trick training. Her favourite game is tug of war, and favourite toys include squeakers, and anything that can have treats in it for her to puzzle them out.

Cardi needs an adult home with no kids or older kids where her family will promise never to give up on her as she has been let down so many times before.