The lovely Angel has been with Forever Friends since 8 March 2020. She was surrendered to the pound by the previous owner.
Angel is approx. 13 hands high and is aged between 15 and 20 years. We have not had Angel under saddle since receiving her into our care. We’ve had notes that she was a broodmare for most of her life and was broken it at some time.
We’re unsure if some of Angel’s anxious responses are due to mistreatment in the past or lack of handling. She will require an owner with patience and experience to help her reach her full potential.
We found catching Angel is a round pen to be the most effective way to handle her to date. Again, patience and persistence are the keys.
During her farrier appointments, we found Angel to be cooperative with her front feet and reluctant with her back feet. We found that by giving her a light sedation, it helped both her and the farrier to trim her back feet with a minimum of distress. She displays nervousness with handling her back legs and feet.
Angel has her health checks up to date. Her teeth were checked, and she received vaccinations and worming in March 2021 – Her feet were done in April 2020 after arriving with us.
Angel has Cushings Syndrome and so will require a paddock with minimal grass so that her feet don’t get overgrown and sore. She might be helpful in ‘mowing’ small sections of grass in the garden from time to time.


Hi my name is Horton, I’m a very sweet 6 year old male guinea pig.
I’m looking for another guinea pig or Rabbit friend as I’m feeling lonely.

I am a fussy guy, I love my dry food and the following fresh fruit and vegetables (cucumber, carrot, watermelon, corn, spinach, snow peas and apples).

I come with my own dome which I sleep and use as my safety area. I let my foster carer to trim my nails.

Chickens & Roosters

Forever Friends Animal Rescue has a variety of lovely hens and roosters available for adoption, some former battery hens, who now deserve a loving home with space to roam and a safe place to roost at night.

They are now all happy and healthy and ready to be a loving family member.

So, if having a backyard chickens has always been your dream, or you want to add to your brood, now might be the time!

They are available for adoption at $25 each to homes with safe, fox-proof enclosures where they will not be used for food and will be valued as not just egg producers. Chooks are lovely animals to have around – they also fertilise your garden and help keep away bugs and slugs!