Breed: Border Collie X
Gender: Male
Colour: Black, White and Tan
Date of Birth: 01/11/2015
Adoption Fee: $550

Charlie is a very loving dog – a total sweetheart. He adores all humans big and small. You can often find him basking in the sun or sneaking onto the sofa to have a nap. Charlie loves belly scratches and foot massages. He is very cuddly and will always want to snuggle with you. Charlie also has several toys which he loves to play with – his favourite is tug-o-war with a rope toy. When he is inside he can follow the basic commands so long as there is a treat reward. He is fully toilet trained and has recently started crate training which he has adjusted very well to. Charlie has lived his life so far with minimal exposure to other dogs or animals. When he goes outside on a walk he is very alert, anxious and reactive. He has not been trained on the lead so is constantly pulling and is very strong. Charlie goes into panic mode when he sees another dog and will bark loudly whilst pulling very strongly on the lead. Charlie is very energetic and needs a lot of exercise. Charlie is best suited to a household that has two capable adults so they can share the load of the exercising and ongoing training which is required. They should be strong & able to cope with Charlie’s strength and reactiveness on walks. Young children would be ok in the house as he is very good with all humans. However, the person taking Charlie on the walk needs 100% focus and not be having to care for a child at the same time or have any other distractions. A large backyard or lot in a suburb that is not dog dense would be best. Charlie is not used to being left alone (max 2-3 hours) so would suit a household where the owners are not out for long periods of time. Charlie will be a wonderful addition to a loving family.