Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Colour: Tabby
Date of Birth: 11/09/2013

Chevvy is a gorgeous but very shy girl. She likes to pick her ‘safe place’ and nest there throughout the day and come out at night for food and to wander about. If you sit quietly with her though, the giant purr machine starts up and she comes to you for pats, headbutts and smooches. She is very affectionate under specific circumstances but will otherwise be quite happy left to herself. Chevvy needs a quiet household and will require a sheltered little space to make her own. She likes to take things like bags, shoes, toys and even coats to make herself more comfy! She’ll need to be indoor only as she may become too scared to return home if allowed outside. She was surrendered along with her 5 brothers and has no issues with the other foster cats in care with her, preferring to mostly ignore them. Chevvy adores her food and has had some teeth removed, but this is not impacting her ability to enjoy dinner. Chevvy takes time to build up her trust to people and still tends to hide from her carer unless she’s in her safe place. Once she’s won over though, she will reward her owner with plenty of her purrs and smooches. She can’t get enough pats and has even started rolling onto laps to get more.