Breed: bull arab x dane
Gender: Female
Colour: White
Date of Birth: 07/08/2018
Adoption Fee: $550

Cardi has had quite a long history with Forever Friends but our volunteers have put a lot of work into her training and she has totally turned a corner – she is incredibly obedient and while she has proven she can get along with some dogs, she would need to be the only dog in the house. She also spent some time at our Sanctuary where she met all kinds of animals including chickens and horses and she did extremely well with them!

Cardi is dog reactive, which can make walking her a bit more of a challenge (if feeling threatened she will bark and lunge). She would need to be muzzled at all times during a walk. Using a Halti and keeping treats readily accessible will makes walks much easier, and guidance will be readily available from her foster carer and case manager.
She’s been working hard on desensitisation, but care still needs to be taken to avoid other dogs getting too close.

Cardi is a charmer. She loves a good neck scratch and tolerates forehead kisses like a champ. She adores making new human friends and spending time in your company.
She’ll often be found quietly lying down on the floor of whatever room you’re in. If you’re out and about she’ll snooze the day away – with occasional breaks to play with her toys or sunbathe.

She’s well trained and knows plenty of tricks, which she’ll gladly show off for treats. She’s a quick learner and will thoroughly enjoy further trick training. Her favourite game is tug of war, and favourite toys include squeakers, and anything that can have treats in it for her to puzzle them out. She’s prone to a good zoom after walks, so a home with a yard would be best to let her live her racing fantasies.

Aside from her fear of dogs, Cardi is incredibly low maintenance. She’s awake and active for about 1.5-2 hours of the day, and happy to quietly relax and nap for the rest. She is clever, playful, cheeky and very routine oriented. A great listener and learner when food is involved.