Breed: staffy x ridgeback
Gender: Female
Colour: brown
Date of Birth: 22/02/2019
Adoption Fee: $550

Bella is a beautiful (pardon the pun!) dog that has recently learned that people can be loving and kind. Unfortunately, she wasn’t treated very well in her past life so she can be wary of new people, particularly men. However, her foster dad has won her love and he is now her favourite. She is a loving, affectionate and playful lady once she relaxes!

Bella thrives with boundaries and rules, as she can get possessive, so knowing what she is and isn’t allowed makes it easier for her to relax. That may mean no couch time cuddles, but it also means she will never chew on shoes or sneak food off the coffee table!

Bella loves to hang out with adults as young kids and other animals make her nervous. She’s an independent gal, though, so not too much ruckus and a good amount of alone time is important for her. That being said, she will always be keen for a walk!

Bella will require on-going training and socialisation. A number of introductions prior to adoption will be helpful in transitioning her out of foster care.