Breed: Bull Arab X Mastiff
Gender: Male
Colour: Black and white
Date of Birth: 22/07/2016
Adoption Fee: $550

George is not for a novice dog owner. He needs work on training and socialisation but is a very sweet and affectionate boy who strives to do the right this. Please read his full profile.

George came into care after being found in the bush extremely skinny and with calluses on many parts of his body. His calluses are older and don’t bother or affect him now.

Since being in foster care, George has come a long way. He used to experience separation anxiety, however, since being in care, this appears to have ceased. His foster carers are now able to leave him at home inside without any issues. He is extremely responsive to commands, and just wants to please his people. He knows his basics, sit, down, wait, come, on your bed, gentle, go toilet, shake and waiting for permission to eat his meals. He is toilet trained but he also enjoy marking his territory at times so he needs to be watched when in new indoor environment. He is a bright dog and would benefit from further training, particularly with walking on the lead as he currently pulls.

He has a lot of energy, loves to run, loves doing zoomies, exploring on walks, wandering around the house and backyard, but he also loves to curl up next to you and sleep for hours. George wasn’t really a toy or ball dog but he’s slowly discovering joy in these items. When he’s in the mood, he’ll play fetch with a ball or frisbee and run around with a soft toy. He LOVES enrichment toys (such as Kongs) that involve food and treats and bones. He is extremely food driven. So much so he’s known to sneakily take food containers just so he can lick them clean. Toys he’s not overly fond of are loud, squeaky ones.

George is a healthy boy with a lot of love to give. He adores humans but despises cat – they drive him crazy and it can take him a while to calm down after he’s seen one. Other things that bugs him are strangers coming to the door or unknown cars coming up the driveway.