Breed: Shar-Pei X Ridgeback
Gender: Male
Colour: Tan/white
Date of Birth: 03/09/2017
Adoption Fee: $550

Attention all dog lovers that are willing to train and work with a goofball! I’m Jack and I am a goofy two year old charming gentleman. I have grown up learning another language, but am learning many news commands in English with my foster carer. I require a good sized yard because I love zooming around with a toy or two in my spare time. I love nothing more than acting like a lap dog but I am rather large (32kg) so a household with no children under 12 would be ideal.

Currently, I am learning how to share my toys and safely play with my foster without being rough. I am overly enthusiastic at times and am taking lessons in walking nicely on a leash. I still get very excited when I see other dogs. I need a fair bit of attention and activities to keep me occupied and I enjoy the company of my foster carer. Ideally my forever home would be one with a knowledgeable dog parent or two. Definitely no pocket pets or cats! I have never lived with another dog and am easily startled by them approaching me on walks. I need space and to be an only dog for now.

I am good dog eager for you to teach me more, I saw a bus today, wow there is a lot going on in the world I haven’t seen… If you like what you read and are willing to help work on my training (I’ve been told I’m a work in progress), please get in touch with my friends at Forever Friends.

*Note: Jack has never been socialised with other dogs in his previous home, and had minimal basic training. While he has come a long way in foster care and shown he has a lot of potential, his new home home will need to be dedicated to ongoing training and slow socialisation, so experienced dog owners are preferred.