Breed: Staffy
Gender: Female
Colour: Brindle
Date of Birth: 12/02/2012
Adoption Fee: $550

Hi I’m Zula, I’m a wonderful dog! I’ve got a great personality, I’m calm, non-destructive, gentle and sweet, even a little cheeky which makes me fantastic! I can sit, drop, stay, wait, up and down. I’m still practicing waiting at intersections for cars to pass.

I really want to live in a home where someone is home most of the time, I can get anxious when left on my own, however with routine I am getting more comfortable being left home for short periods of time!

I need a little bit of maintenance, I take Apoquel daily and I need a bath in Malaseb 2-3 times a week. This mostly controls the itchies and now I’m just a little itchy around my belly and mouth. The vets want me to keep trialling this Apoquel and malaseb routine for a while longer and then see how I go without it! However, in warm weather you will need to be very careful that I don’t get hot spots and lesions as these are very uncomfortable for me! I need to keep cool on those hot days to help stay healthy!

It looks like food is not the reason I’ve been itchy in the past so my vet and foster mum are slowly introducing foods to me to make sure I don’t react again! Currently I eat fish based kibble and this is great for me!

I love living inside, I’m toilet trained and will wait patiently to be taken to the toilet outside! At home, I sleep, I chew toys, I sleep some more, I might come over for a snuggle and then sleep on top of you. I love chew toys but can be a little rough with them, my foster mum has worked out some great toys for me however so please ask her! Oh, and I love my soft blanket which I chew and suck on and fall asleep with in my mouth sometimes.

If I’m honest, I’m a snuggler; I like to lick faces occasionally, car rides are ok too! I’m a happy dog outside. I am a hunter and forager. I like to smell if there’s been anything in my backyard and keep going back to make sure it hasn’t come back! At the dog park, I am a bit much for some dogs.

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