Buadh (was Bella)

Breed: Staffy
Gender: Female
Colour: Black & white
Date of Birth: 12/02/2015
Adoption Fee: $550

Buadh (boo-ah; Irish for Victory) is a lab-staffy cross who is amazing with all humans, but not so great with dogs. Buadh has made amazing progress in foster care. She knows ‘down’, ‘sit’, ‘bed’ and ‘wait’, enjoys belly rubs and treats. She shows her appreciation with adorable pig-like grunts, and has a particular love of cherry tomatoes! Buadh has the best of staffy and lab personalities and is fine to be alone for a couple of hours, but would rather live with people who are home a lot to absorb her love. She will happily snooze indoors provided she gets regular walks and mental stimulation. On walks, she likes to say hello to strangers in hopes of a pat. When she’s relaxed, she walks well and briskly on the lead. Since she is close to 30kg, her new owners will need to be strong and fit as she does pull and lunge when she sees other dogs. If they get too close she will bark in warning, and shake with fear. Buadh has come a long way in overcoming her fear of dogs from when she first arrived. Her new home will need to be dedicated to ongoing training and slow socialisation to give her the sense of security and love she needs to realise that other dogs on the street are not to be feared. It is essential that her new humans are either experienced in socialisation training, or willing to learn. If you want to hang out at the dog park, Buadh is not the dog for you. But if you want an incredibly rewarding training project with a beautiful, cheeky, very clever girl, then Buadh would love to meet you! There’s something special about this pig-grunting, musical-snoring, cherry-tomato loving snuggle bug that will make some lucky household very happy.