Breed: Staffy x
Gender: Female
Colour: Brindle and white
Date of Birth: 18/02/2012
Adoption Fee: $450

First she will steal your heart…and then your bed!

Carmie is a sweet, playful and affectionate girl. Well behaved, she follows basic commands (sit, stay, wait etc.) and is house trained.

When not loyally curled up (or sitting right on top of) her humans, this curious and adventurous girl very much enjoys long enriching bush-bashing walks, joining you on road trips, sniffing out every morsel of food you may have forgotten about in your car and unleashing her inner puppy. A bit of a fashionista, she will also proudly parade around in her fabulous array of dog coats with a toy or bone in her mouth for you.

Carmie LOVES people and pats/ affection (she will gently paw at you when she wants more!) She has a really good balance between lounging around inside and running/playing in the yard. Basically, she wants to spend her time wherever people are!

Carmie seems to enjoy the company of both males and females and, when introduced to new people, including a 3 year old child, she was very calm, gentle and loving and doesn’t seem to be prone to excitement or jumping (based on a brief encounter under constant supervision).

Carmie is very aware of her surroundings and reacts to sounds: cars, dogs’ barking and is territorial with her home. For the most part she has not been too aggressive or reactive with the neighbouring dogs, but when she is heightened, or on a walk, she is reactive to other dogs and has a lot of strength. She will need someone with experience of larger, strong dogs and we recommend she is walked on a lead with a Halti and/or muzzle. She will require ongoing training to reduce her reactivity, but will never be an off-lead dog or an
appropriate ‘cafe canine’. Carmie must be an only pet.

This enchanting and charismatic snuggle bug is looking for a forever home where she can provide her humans all the love they can handle..and then more. Carmie is best suited to a quiet home in the suburbs or country with a large yard. She’s not suitable to in