Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Female
Colour: Black and brown
Date of Birth: 21/08/2010
Adoption Fee: $787

Attention Big Dog Lovers!

Angel here, I’m a ten-year-old German Shepherd and have been nurturing the lovable giant Obi for the past 8 years – I’ve taught him how to grow up to be a protector for the family, alongside me.

I am not afraid to tackle and wrestle with Obi to show him who is boss, despite the fact he has grown up to be a giant!

I am not very toy-oriented and will happily entertain myself and Obi in the backyard whilst my family is at work or school during the day if need be, but I prefer to be with inside with them when they are home.

I have some minimal training and will happily wait for you to tell me its okay to chow down on my dinner.
As I am getting on in years, I do require some anti-inflammatory medication (Meloxicam) daily to allow me to keep up with Mr. Obi and continue enjoying life to the fullest.

I prefer the company of my humans over any other animals, apart from Obi – mainly due to lack of socialization during my formative years…. so, if you are after two lovable giants to be the only pets in your home, we’re be perfect for you!

Due to my size, and more importantly Obi’s, we must be re-homed to a family that understand that while we are friendly, our size should be respected.
We are not suitable to be around young children or frail individuals – we do not want to accidentally bowl over or squish any friends or family members!