Breed: Mastiff x
Gender: Male
Colour: Fawn
Date of Birth: 21/08/2014
Adoption Fee: $787

Attention Big Dog Lovers!

Obi here, I am a seven-year-old Mastiff X BFG … BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant…. I’m over 50 kg!

I am currently looking for a forever home with my Mumma, Angel… as we have been together since I was a pup, we must find a home together.
I may look big and strong, but I am a real softy when it comes to her… and belly rubs…. you can never have too many belly rubs in life…

Mum and I are independent – we are happy to entertain ourselves while our family are at work or school during the day, but when they are home, we love to be inside with them.

I have some training and will happily wait for you to tell me its okay to chow down on my dinner… so you do not have to worry about over 50kg of dog jumping on you and clawing for food.. but I can be a little bit stubborn if I do not want to do something… so you may need to be patient with me on occasion.

I prefer the company of my humans over any other animals, apart from Angel – mainly due to lack of socialization during my formative years…. so, if you are after two lovable giants to be the only pets in your home, we would be perfect for you!

Due to my size, Angel and I must be re-homed to a family that understand that while we are friendly, our size should be respected.
We are not suitable to be around young children or frail individuals – we do not want to accidentally bowl over or squish any friends or family members.

NOTE: Adoption Fee is for Angel & Obi together.