Breed: Red Heeler x Mastiff
Gender: Male
Colour: Red Heeler/White
Date of Birth: 11/03/2018
Adoption Fee: $550

Brilliant Bailey has been in foster care for almost 12 months. During this time his carers have dedicated their time to his training and working on his ability to trust and he has made considerable progress. Due to no fault of his own Bailey is now in search of a new carer or forever home. Bailey seems to have had a family in the past and just adores doting on any person in his home, kids and adults alike (kids over 8 due to his size and bouncy personality).

Bailey has lacked dog socialisation and really struggles when he sees other dogs from a distance especially if they are coming towards him. It seems to be a fear and lack of understanding that they mean no harm. Bailey is strong and completely panics so someone who is physically able and willing to work on his building his trust is a must to keep seeing Bailey improve in this area. Bailey has true potential. He has improved so much on walks when there are no distractions. He is the type of dog that wants to meet people, but not dogs. So a home with a yard to relax and train in at times is a must. He is fine during thunderstorms and is okay with being left alone for short periods (he can dig holes after 5 hours if he is bored).

When Bailey gets excited (like when a visitor arrives) he is very bouncy but is a fast learner and has been working on becoming calm before greeting guests. He will use his crate to take a break when he needs to. He will thoroughly enjoy further trick training and becoming more confident with enrichment activities or anything else that will help keep him active. Bailey is on a weight loss diet.

If Bailey sounds like he might be the one to enhance your life and leave fur on your lap please get in touch with us at Forever Friends Animal Rescue.