Breed: Staffy x
Gender: Female
Colour: brindle
Date of Birth: 17/12/2020
Adoption Fee: $750

Hi! My name is Luna and I am a Staffy X.
I am living in an all female house. I have a foster sister who is older and a Staffy X Husky. She is so calm
and had taught me as much as I needed to know regarding being a puppy. I am alright when being
approached by men. I am an indoor dog and you CANNOT LEAVE ME OUTDOOR AS I WILL YAP AND BARK TILL
YOU PUT ME BACK IN! I am a lap dog too! I love sitting on your lap when you are home and cuddling with
I love food and I am currently being fed twice daily. I will sit straightly for you to get treats. However, I am
known to eat too fast. I need a SLOW FEEDER. . I am also allergic to certain food so you will need to ask my
foster family what I am currently on and what are the best food for me. If not, nothing much will happen
besides a runny poo and a deadly fart.
I am TOTALLY CRATE TRAINED and I am happy to sleep in my XL crate! I usually go to bed with a treat and
sleep throughout the night.
I can also sit, down, catch, spin and high five. But there is a catch, you will need to give me treats after I
perform them for you! I am still learning more tricks with my foster mums at the moment.
I am about 75% toilet trained. I would do it outdoors but if you leave a pee pad indoor, I know that it is
where I should take my business to. You might realise that I am a peeing machine. However there is a
reason for this which had been explained in the health section.
I love CHEWING on things too. My gums are always sore and I need to chew on stuffs to make it feel better. I
love frozen toys filled with food or treats. They are the best. The next best thing would be your nose or
hands. If it is within my reachable limit, they would be my favourite instead. Nipping your nose is just a
sign of affection so you should be happy that I nipped yours. So, be warned that I still BITE!
I need a lot of work on leash training. I pulledf