Breed: American Staffy
Gender: Female
Colour: Caramel
Date of Birth: 18/03/2015
Adoption Fee: $550

Bonnie is a sweet girl looking for an experienced & committed owner.
She is absolutely affectionate with her human and loves all the attention. She is a perfect guard dog and will definitely make sure the “intruder” knows about that with her intimidating bark.

She needs a slow introduction to strangers but once she is comfortable all she wants is for you to throw a ball and reward her with some yummy treats when she catches it and brings it back to you.
Things she doesn’t like include (but not limited to):
1) other dogs – she is not a fan of other dogs but if you tell her to leave it and give her a treat and tell her she does well she is happy to walk away…most of the time
2) any other animals – all she wants to do is to chase chase chase
3) motorcycle (and whoever is on it…sorry)
4) bus – only when it gets too close.

Don’t worry there are also a lot of things she loooves, including her family, her food, daily exercise and cuddles, the order may change time to time but you will definitely be on the list. She will be the happiest dog if she gets at least two walks everyday and have a cuddle with her family at night to watch some TV.

She is a very funny and cheeky girl with just a few nervous tendencies so she needs to be the only pet home with adults only or a family with older kids who are willing to committed to ongoing training.

Please enquire to meet this gorgeous snuggly girl.