Breed: Husky
Gender: Male
Colour: Black and white
Date of Birth: 28/12/2020
Adoption Fee: $650

This boy truly is divine – he is sweet, affectionate, cheeky, playful, well-mannered, gentle, goofy and social. He really is the whole package!

His ideal home will have a backyard and another medium-large dog for companionship. He is not suited to small dogs, cats or pocket pets. He is toilet trained and crate trained.

Rocket first came into foster care as a very boisterous and energetic pup with no manners, no training and no social skills. With a routine, boundaries and the guidance of his foster brother and sister, he has come so far! He loves the dog park and playing with other dogs but will still need direction from you in this area as he can start to get rough if he’s over-excited.

He’s extremely clever but can be stubborn at times so you’ll need to have patience when teaching him new skills. He also loves to dig! So if you don’t want your backyard landscaped you’ll need to make sure Rocket gets plenty of mental and physical stimulation, or even better, get him a sandpit!

You are guaranteed to fall head over heels for this cuddly boy, so if you think you can provide the very best hole for him, please enquire!