Lil Man (Nelly)

Breed: American Bulldog x
Gender: Male
Colour: Brindle and white
Date of Birth: 03/03/2020
Adoption Fee: $550

Nelly is a massive sweetheart – he honestly has the biggest heart of gold.

When this big softie came to us approx. 3 months ago, we knew he had a long road ahead. He was very timid, scared of everyone & anything and it was easy to see he’d had a rough up bringing. Whilst there is still some anxiety issues, it’s been heartwarming to see Nelly grow – he now knows how act like a dog!! He has learned how to play, how to sit, drop & shake. He’s a quick learner & very respectful of boundaries. He’s extremely gentle & loveeess to cuddle up on the couch. He enjoys the company of his fellow four legged friends, although he’s still scared of unfamiliar surroundings & new people in his home – particularly men. He will need a quiet home with calm & patient people. Whilst we are confident he would never hurt anyone, his bark is very alarming for new guests to the house. Though he’s seen MASSIVE improvements, he still doesn’t do that well on walks or in the car (unfamiliar surroundings) so again, patience is very important. It’s all nervousness, so slow and gentle exposure will continue to help him a lot, but there has only been so much healing he could do in 3 months.

Nelly is very friendly with dogs and we believe another confident dog in the house would be really beneficial for him. Nelly also lived with cats prior to our care, so may be able to live with cats again, provided slow introductions and supervision at all times is undertaken.