Polar is in the cruising lane of life and would love a home where his people are around more often than not. He spent a portion of his life chained to a tree until he was surrendered but despite this he is surprisingly well-adjusted and a pretty easy-going dude. Polar enjoys daily walk to explore the world and will be happy to potter around and snooze the day away. He also enjoys sunbathing but given he is white this needs to be monitored so he doesn’t get sunburn. Polar will need to be the only pet in the home and his new family must commit to ensuring he wears his muzzle at all times when off the property. He walks really well on lead and is not particularly reactive however he can be intolerant of other dogs getting in his personal space. This boy absolutely adores people and is so grateful for any sort of affection from them. Coming home and seeing his happy little bum wiggle will be the highlight of any day!

Like many large dogs, Polar does not know his size and will knock into you or try and sit on your lap! He tries his best to be gentle but his sheer size means he’s probably not suitable for small kids or the elderly. Polar is house trained and crate trained.