Breed: Staffy x Boxer
Gender: Female
Colour: Brindle and White
Date of Birth: 19/03/2017
Adoption Fee: $550

Please Meet Riley! There is a chance you might have met her already in the park, as she comes up to people to say hello and hopefully get some pats. Riley’s favorite toys are pats. Her favorite treats are pats. Her favorite pats are bum scratches and belly rubs. She’ll make it very clear where she wants to be patted!

Riley loves to be with her human pack; whether that means hours long lounging on the couch, going on a camping trip together, walks along her favorite roads, a car trip, or joining a picnic with you and your friends. Riley behaves calmy and loves to just be part of your world, she is always ready for an adventure and jumps straight in the car ready to go!

Riley’s future family will be able to give her lots of attention and take her on these outings to provide mental stimulation. She has been dealing with anxiety issues and does not do well being left alone. Riley is currently taking medication for her anxiety, her foster carers have been doing separation training with her to get her used to being alone more both during the day and night which has been going well. Riley’s future family will need to put in the time and effort to continue that work.

In exchange for a steady commitment from her new adopters to continue making her feel calm and confident, this sweet girl will steal your heart with her big brown eyes, her inquisitive friendly character, and relaxed attitude. Her forceful wagging tail will make your day, and watch out for when she gets the zoomies, she’s fast as a bullet!

Riley has lived with other dogs and children before, but finds small animals and cats far too stimulating and so will need a cat/pocket pet free home. When out on a walk, Riley is mostly happy to just say hello to other dogs and sniff them in passing, but every once in a while she meets a dog who she really wants to play with. Hopefully her future family can accommodate these playful interactions too so Riley can gain more confidence and experience in playing.