Breed: Cavoodle
Gender: Male
Colour: Black
Date of Birth: 05/10/2017
Adoption Fee: $650

We think this funny fellow is a beautiful cat trapped inside a dog’s body. For example:
Touch me: Don’t touch me!
Love me: Don’t love me!
Feed me: Don’t feed me!

But this quirky side of him is so easy to love.

He also has a fetish for guarding socks and tissues, and wants to be the only four-legged in your life. It’s not too much to ask, he thinks! (It’s not that he hates other dogs and cats, but he gets jealous of them getting any attention.) Tiger might be able to live with another small dog who is fairly dominant, so that Tiger as a newcomer would know his place.

What Tiger wants most of all is a quiet, peaceful life, and somewhere cozy to sleep near his human. Ideally a bed or blankie in every room near you would be perfect! He LOVES chasing and bringing back the tennis ball to you, and adores walks. They are so exciting! As for going out in the car, he thinks that is the BEST fun and loves to ride shotgun with you, watching everything go by. And he’ll wait patiently and quietly in the car while you pop in to do your shopping!

Tiger loves treats, and will sit on command and take them gently from you. When he really trusts you, he’ll also ask for tummy rubs.

He is best around older teenage children as little ones are very unpredictable and noisy to his small ears. He isn’t fond of sudden movements and doesn’t like to feel trapped so will react if he thinks he’s being cornered. (He does, however, like his crate at his foster home and will happily stay curled up, gently snoring, until morning.)

Tiger is a beautiful boy just looking for love and understanding for all his quirks. Is Tiger your Forever Friend?