Breed: Greyhound
Gender: Female
Colour: Brown
Date of Birth: 07/03/2018
Adoption Fee: $550

Pippa is a beautiful soul looking for love. We don’t know a lot about her past but we can tell love is something she severely lacked. She would make a great companion dog for anyone who is looking for their soul mate. Pippa does well with her foster siblings however she can be food aggressive so needs to be fed separately. Pippa is not a fan of exercise and is a typical greyhound potato. She will however get a small burst of zoomies on the odd occasion. Due to being a greyhound Pippa can’t do the basic command sit so teaching food manners will be learning experience for both her new parents and her. Pippa loves curling up on the lounge, leisurely strolls and the simple life. Pippa is an INSIDE dog. She does not do well in the cold or being left alone in a yard. She also has a taste for bread so you will need a safe location to store bread!