Ranger is a big playful goofball full of energy! You will never be lonely with Ranger as he loves to stay close to his humans, his foster mum thinks he is a shadow!

Ranger is very playful but not destructive, alert and inquisitive. Ranger makes everyone laugh at how goofy he is, especially how he sits! Any hugs or pats going are always for him as far as he is concerned.

Ranger is looking for a pet free home, he is dog & cat reactive. Sometimes he can be a little nervous to new people in the home, but when he meets them with his foster mum he is ok.

Ranger is very excitable on walks and loves car rides! He warms to everyone in no time and is very food motivated, wakes up so excited for his breakie bickies!

Ranger has had a tough life and can be a little anxious alone and vocal, however loves a treat toy with peanut butter to keep his mind going.

Ranger is looking for a pet free home with high fences, and a medium -large back yard.