Breed: Bull Arab x
Gender: Male
Colour: White
Date of Birth: 20/05/2022
Adoption Fee: $950

*Please only apply if you have a resident dog and are prepared to commit to ongoing training and regular structured socialisation*

George is such a sweet and spunky little dude, his daily antics will have you absolutely swooning with adoration!

George is so cuddly and loves to snuggle up to you for nap time. Once he’s finished his nap he’s off to look for trouble! Like most pups, George tends to take a shining to things that aren’t his so shoes, socks and jocks are fair game!

George’s perfect companion would be a friendly and playful small-medium breed dog. George has grown up with large breed dogs and has learned how to be respectful of them and not too annoying (but they are pretty boring so he would love a rough and tumble buddy!)

George has just started learning about walkies and at the moment is more interested in picking up sticks, rocks and gumnuts than taking in his surroundings so he’ll need patience and some work on a good ‘leave it’ command! He is confident though and not frightened of the outside world.

If you’re ready for the next love of your life enquire today!