Breed: Staffordshire X
Gender: Female
Colour: Tan
Date of Birth: 27/07/2016
Adoption Fee: $550

Ginger is a lovely, quiet, sweet red dog. She is a small to medium sized dog with a shy personality, but can quickly warm up to you. She has a cute stumpy tail due to her breed and when she wags it, she wags with her whole body! She has had a few litters in her previous life and so her underside sags – but this hasn’t stopped her at all and she will be so happy to show you and flop on her side!

Ginger is a very loyal dog and when she trusts you, you will have an intelligent, treat-loving dog. Around new people and new dogs she can be a little timid. Once she feels you can protect her, she becomes braver in meeting other dogs without issue, but still needs to be watched and corrected to ensure a peaceful interaction.

Ginger loves her walks and car rides. She walks well on the lead and is surprisingly a fast paced walker and good runner! She is happiest rolling and running through grass dragging her little body over it – although this may cause her irritated skin (more on that below). She can be scared of bigger vehicles (vans, buses, trucks, trams) and just needs a reminder that you’re there to protect her and keep on walking. Despite her small legs she can jump into the back seat of the car by herself, sometimes with some encouragement and you’ll find her head out the window during the ride!

At home Ginger either loves to cuddle with you on the couch or keep a watchful eye and can be a little bit of a guard dog, but still rarely barks. She is fine at home by herself, is non-destructive and is toilet trained and can use a doggy door but also holds it well when she needs to, so she’d suit both apartments or houses. She doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety and will just snooze on the couch when you’re away from home. She was protective over toys but no longer shows resource guarding here, however she loves her bones and is a work in progress in this area.