Breed: Bull Terrier x Ridgeback
Gender: Male
Colour: Fawn
Date of Birth: 14/02/2013
Adoption Fee: $450

Obi prefers to be with people that are home more often than not as he just loves the company and absolutely always in for cuddles.

He always loves to be near you including the toilet visits, after all he
knows you are at your most vulnerable at this point, so he likes to be in the room for protection.

The minute you flush he is out of there.

Being 19 years old has its benefits.
He is a model citizen. He is not constantly active. He loves a car drive, even over 2 hours long.

He likes to eat early, between 4pm to 6pm so he can settle in by 7pm.

He will sleep his way through to the morning all while controlling his bladder, so he doesn’t need to wake you for toilet runs.

Obi is very happy to sleep while you binge-watch an entire season of your
favorite show or working in your home office, and not pull you all the way to the park.

Obi is obedient, gentle, polite, has socialized with children as young as 6 years old and the elderly, and know how to be part of your family. He also loves a good quick chat with other dogs in the neighbourhood.

He has ninja qualities, (amazing hearing and stealth mode) so always do a double check before moving / walking in case he is standing behind you covering your back and he hears all … way before any human.
Obi just wants to be friends with all dogs but will jump in front to protect his human if an angry dog runs towards them.

Obi would love to be with another dog that has a similar nature to his own to help him really settle into his forever home.