Breed: Horse
Gender: Female
Colour: Brown
Date of Birth: 23/02/1996
Adoption Fee: $300

The lovely Annabelle has been in the care of Forever Friends since October 2020, after her elderly owner died. She is a sweet ‘mature’ lady who enjoys the company of other gentle horses. She is a low-maintenance mare and requires little feed. She’s enjoying the retirement phase of her life and is looking for a loving, quiet home. She loves receiving cuddles and enjoys a carrot or two.

Annabelle is not suitable for riding, however, she is the perfect paddock ornament and she would make a wonderful companion for other ponies, donkeys or even a sheep or goat.

Annabelle has been prone to laminitis in the past so in the spring requires a paddock with minimal grass so that her feet don’t get sore. She might be helpful in ‘mowing’ small sections of the garden from time to time.

Annabelle will benefit from regular feet trimming. She’ll need rugging in the cooler months and good shelter.

Annabelle has Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), also referred to as Cushing’s, which is easily regulated with a once-a-day tablet called Prascend. Follow this link with more information:

Are you Annabelle’s Forever Friend?