The handsome boy Cashie came to Forever Friends in January 2022- after being surrendered by his owner whose income circumstances changed. He is 15.3 hands high and approximately 14 years old. He is suited as a companion horse and not as a riding horse.

During our interactions with Cashie, we have found that he likes to be handled by patient and caring humans. He’s very affectionate and we believe that most people who meet him will fall in love with him.
We have done some liberty work with him and he’s responded well to that. As a former racehorse, he has the training and desire to to go fast and his training instincts activate when he sees wide open spaces. We have found that he walks well on the lead and responds well when he is given activities that require him to focus and think. We have been been using ground work with changes in direction and lunging to engage his active mind. Cashie becomes nervous when his feet are lifted and we will continue to work with him on this and his horse floating skills until his forever home is found. Cashie is sound in the paddock and a great companion to the other horses in the herd.

As a Thoroughbred, Cashie will require some hard feed during the winter months to keep his condition. He’ll also require appropriate rugging and shelter. His rugs will be supplied to the new owner as part of his adoption.

Cashie’s forever home will be ready to love and care for him – both mentally and physically. They’ll need to provide lots of physical interaction and exercise to keep his busy mind satisfied and guidance to keep him physically and mentally fit. His forever home will have other permanent horses so that he will always have a paddock companion.

Cashie’s health checks, teeth, worming are up to date.

Are you Cashie’s Forever Friend?