Kitchi & Cody

Breed: Chestnut & Arab Horse Mix
Gender: Male
Colour: Black & Chestnut
Date of Birth: 01/06/2012

Meet Kitchi and Cody, beautiful horse and pony bonded gelding duo! Eight-year-old Chestnut Kitchi is part Arab and stands about 15hh high. He has not been handled much in over 12 months while living on a property where he did not receive a lot of care. He will come close to you – especially if you have carrots! – but is still very wary of people and will need a patient and understanding mum or dad. Cody the Shetland pony is a social and interactive boy who absolutely loves his carrots and a good ol pat! Cody is around three years old. We are seeking experienced horse and pony people who would treat these boys like kings and not just pieces of the furniture. While Kitchi will need understanding and patience to build his confidence, Cody has the potential to be a ridable pony. As mentioned above, these two, although different in personality, are a bonded pair and will only be adopted together.

Medical notes
Kitchi and Cody are in good health.