Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male
Colour: Ginger
Date of Birth: 08/08/2013
Adoption Fee: $175

Are you a quiet, loving and very patient female homebody? One who’d like to wake up with a house lion? A lion who wants nothing more than to be with you, sunbathe, play games and, at the end of the day, curl up in bed with you? Lyon may be the one for you. Lyon loves da ladies. Not da men. Or da children. If you live with males or children, or if they visit regularly, Lyon is not da cat for you! A former street cat, Lyon is incredibly loving and loyal to those who know him and very shy with strangers (a guy’s gotta keep himself safe!). If you’ve ever been adopted by a stray cat, you’ll understand the deep love you’ll receive from Lyon. Lyon is very grateful to have been rescued and lets you know this – every single day. He’ll shower you with love, enjoy a never-ending supply of kisses, knead you, make air biscuits, greet you with his lion cub sounds and will want to be your warm, fur-powered blanket in winter. He’ll soothe you to sleep with his turbo-powered purr. And make you laugh with his chattiness, saying the cutest things. Lyon is very intelligent and loves playing games. He’ll lie on his back with his paws in the air, just itching to catch whatever fluffy prey you’re dangling over him – check out the video. He is so intelligent, in fact, that he might well like to do some clicker training with you. And would love the mental stimulation of daily 15 minute play sessions. When not playing, he likes to keep all four paws on the ground. He also loves the great outdoors and will love a large safe and secure enclosure where he can enjoy sunbathing and birdwatching – preferably with you. Lyon is a disciplined dude and likes to go to bed at 10pm and wake up early. You won’t need an alarm clock any more. We don’t know what he’s like with dogs.
Is Lyon for you? If you are:
– living in an adult women-only household
– seeking a loving, loyal, intelligent and playful family member
– understanding of people/cats who are shy and like to feel safe before sharing their beautiful selves with others
– understand that good things come to those who wait and are willing to earn Lyon’s trust and let him have much more time than most cats to settle in. (We can guarantee he will hide for quite some time when he moves in with you)
– committed to sharing your life with a truly amazing cat who may well bring tears to your eyes with his gentle love

Lyon’s Insta handle is @lyonsimba

Medical notes
Lyon is a sweet, healthy guy. He comes desexed, vaccinated, flea and worm treated – notting for you to do but love him.