Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male
Colour: White and Brown
Date of Birth: 15/12/2010

Pablo is a happy chatty lap boy. He is very affectionate and makes the cutest little noises when he wants to get your attention. A senior cat (8-9 years old), he is FIV positive and given his condition, he is a strictly indoors cat who needs a cozy, clean and warm environment. He is in great shape at the moment although he recently undertook dental work at the vet and had 7 teeth removed, so his dental health needs to be monitored and taken care of, with daily gentle teeth brushing and regular controls.

Pablo loves food and needs to be kept on a diet, with food formulated specifically for teeth care and for mature spayed cats so he doesn’t gain weight. Even though he is a short-hair cat, he is quite fluffy and needs daily grooming. He can get a bit grumpy about being groomed sometimes but he very quickly gets back to his pleasant self when he gets pads and rubs.

He has a fantastic, very relaxed personality and his perfect home will be a quiet, stress-free one, where he gets human company and love at least a few hours a day. He can be shy at first but he will quickly gain confidence enough to approach you and seek you if you let him explore his new environment at his own pace whilst making yourself available and talking to him. He is a delightful cat and he deserves a loving, caring and safe forever home where he can continue to enjoy a healthy, long life.