Dixie & Popcorn

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 06/02/2016
Adoption Fee: $150

A bonded pair of sweet Bunnies. Toilet trained, desexed and comfortable being handled. These well behaved little bunnies love 2 things; relaxing around the house and hopping up when they hear the rustle of their pellet bag!

Dixie is an independent girl who loves food, her brother and the occasional sassy thump!

Popcorn is a sweet, friendly bun. He’s happy having a little cuddle almost as much as he loves playing in his card board boxes!

These are 2 sweet low maintenance buns entertain themselves and love kale, pak choy and snack carrots! If you have a safe home to house these indoor buns and want 2 beautiful new additions to the family Popcorn & Dixie might be the rabbits for you!

We would recommend Dixie and Popcorn are placed with a family with children at least 10 years old.