Breed: Mini Lop
Gender: Male
Colour: Grey
Date of Birth: 13/07/2021
Adoption Fee: $80

About Maxy
Maxy is a very happy and active bunny.

Maxy loves a lot of pats, and is a little food obsessed! He loves his big grumpy foster brother, and we think he could easily bond with another bun. He has also been around cats briefly and wasn’t at all concerned, but no other pets so far.

Maxy is very active and inquisitive. He is getting much better with his litter training but is still young and learning.

Maxy must be primarily housed inside, with as much free roam as possible, with time spent behind fencing also. He loves some outside time during sunny days, but must come inside to avoid mosquitos and other predators overnight.

He must have fresh oaten hay daily and rabbit appropriate greens. As a treat he will have a little slice of banana and loves Mosuki treats also. He also has a small amount of Oxbow rabbit food each day.

Like most bunnies, Maxy doesn’t like being picked up but will jump up on your lap for pats and scratches, and to look for treats.

Maxy has been desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.