Cinnabun is a gorgeous and lovely bunny. She’s got quite the appetite and happily wanders around with her food and settles in somewhere comfy to nibble away. Her favourite foods include small slices of peaches but she’s also a hay fan too. She’s cheeky and enjoys playtime with her food-ball. She loves being patted and will approach for affection. She is happy to be picked up and petted too.

When she has supervised outside time, Cinnabun happily zooms about and explores the yard. She nibbles on the grass and happily comes inside as it gets darker.

Her fluffy white fur is low maintenance but a brush to get rid of excess never goes astray. Cinnabun is easy to handle although her size means she takes up a fair bit of space! Cinnabun is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations. She also uses a litter tray wonderfully and happily settles in around the home. She currently lives with cats which doesn’t bother her.