Breed: Standard
Gender: Male
Colour: Black and White
Date of Birth: 06/05/2021
Adoption Fee: $60

Stripe and Patches are two brothers that came into care together, and are inseparable. As soon as one is hiding the other will try to find them to snuggle back up together how they like it 🥰
They are shy boys towards humans but have improved immensely since being in care and will continue to do so. Their comfort zone is wrapped in a blanket like a burrito with little head scratches to keep them happy.

Our boys will need a calm house hold with room indoors for them to roam. They’ve been in care with kids and do great with them as long as the kids are understanding of being calm and quiet during cuddle time if they want to hold or pat them. They love sunny play time out on the grass too, to munch and observe all the things around them. When inside they also love a high view to watch all their “peasants” below.
Their favourite snacks are carrots, cucumber, watermelon and guinea pig mix and this is a key to gaining further trust with them 🥰

If your family has room for two beautiful brothers that will curl up with you in the cold winter, and make excited squeaks when they see the snacks arriving please enquire below for an application: