Bequests, the gift of love

By including a Bequest in your will to Forever Friends, you ensure that your love and compassion for animals will continue well beyond your own lifetime.

Bequests also help secure the long-term future of Forever Friends, ensuring we will continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need around Victoria. From cats to dogs to horses and goats, we wish to be here for all species, always.

We appreciate gifts of cash and assets. There may be some tax advantages to the estate if certain assets are gifted to us in your Will. Please seek advice about this.

You may also direct us to use your gifts for a specific purpose. In that case, please substitute the word ‘general’ with the project or purpose you would like your gift to be used for.


Our suggested wording for your will

There are three types of bequests you can make: a specific amount; a pecuniary of your estate; or the residue. The latter two options allow you to make provision for those you care about first and also avoid the erosion of your bequest’s value over time.

Your solicitor may appreciate our suggested wording for including a gift to Forever Friends. You can simply ask your solicitor to insert the appropriate clause selected from the wording below into your Will:

I give to Forever Friends Animal Rescue Ltd (ABN 87 309 541 877) of PO Box 138 Yarra Junction VIC 3797 for its ‘general’ purposes:

a. the residue of my estate;
b. (percentage)% of my estate;
c. the sum of $(amount);
d. (XXX asset) e.g. BHP Ltd shares, that I own at the date of my death.

I declare the receipt of Forever Friends Animal Rescue Ltd will be sufficient discharge for my Executors and they are not required to see to the application of the gift. 

I direct that if Forever Friends Animal Rescue Ltd no longer exists, my Executors are to give this gift to the successor organisation of Forever Friends Animal Rescue Ltd, and if this also does not exist, then to the organisation or organisations in Australia which most closely resemble(s) the purposes and goals of Forever Friends Animal Rescue Ltd as at the date of this Will, and this selection is in the complete discretion of my Executors.’



Yes. By leaving a bequest you can also enrol your pets in our Forever Loved Legacy Program. You will receive peace of mind, knowing that your furry family members will be cared for should you pass away before they do.

We will carefully select a loving and secure new home for your furry family, with regular monitoring by our organisation to ensure their ongoing health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

Suggested wording for including your beloved animals in your will:

‘I DIRECT my Executors to place my pets (insert name / microchip number / details of pets) in the care of Forever Friends Animal Rescue Ltd (ABN 87 309 541 877) for the purpose of providing companionship, care and upkeep of my pets and to prepare them for adoption into a permanent home with a suitable family or person according to each pet’s individual needs.

And for this purpose, I give Forever Friends Animal Rescue Ltd…’

(Please make it clear which amounts are linked to us taking care of your pet)


For more information about Bequests or our Legacy Program, phone us on 0412 618 718 or contact us.


Our volunteer solicitor, Katerina Peiros of Hartwell Legal, prepares Wills free of charge for our supporters if the Will contains a gift to Forever Friends Animal Rescue.

Katerina is an accredited specialist in Wills & Estates, and her details are as follows:

0413 181 545