Farm Feed Gift Donation – Golden Yolk


Golden Yolk $20
Our lovely hens and roosters enjoy pecking through the dirt for all sorts of bugs but also enjoy a diet of Golden Yolk pellets. Many of our hens were rescued from a battery farm and came to us in very poor shape.

After a year with us, our girls are thriving and enjoy their dirt baths and sunshine every day. To help us feed the chooky family, you can donate a bag of Golden Yolk pellets for $20.

Forever Friends operates an Animal Rehabilitation Sanctuary in the Yarra Valley. Being an all-species organisation, we rescue horses, goats, sheep, alpacas, pigs, hens, roosters, ducks and anything else that comes our way! Many of these animals come from a background of neglect and can spend months or even years with us while they recover before they move on to their forever home. Giving our animals excellent nutrition and hygiene during this time can help save their lives. By donating a hay bale or bag of pellets, you’ll be helping to rescue and rehabilitate some of our most deserving creatures!

Upon purchase of this item you will be given access to a downloadable certificate to say thank you for your support – we so appreciate it and simply cant do this work without you!

This is also a perfect donation to give on behalf of a loved one to show your shared support and love for animals in need – there’s 3 options to download, a card to print and write in, an A4 thank you card or a digital card that can be emailed.