HI I’m Wendy.
My Foster Carer has taken me in when my owner was no longer able to take care of me. His warmth and patience has helped me feel right at home in his house. I have enjoyed the sunny windows which let in such bright sunshine, I can sleep all day long and keep warm. If it gets too hot you can find me curled up on the couch, a bed or underneath a blanket! When I’m not sleeping any toy on a string I will chase if you are willing to play with me.

Other animals are ok only if they are quiet and keep to themselves. I also love a scratch under the chin, if you find the purrrrfect spot I will not move until your hand gets sore and you stop. My foster carer knows when it is dinner time because I do not stop talking until he puts food in my bowl. At the end of a busy day I will curl up next to you on the couch or on the arm of the couch, I am never very far away.

If you have sunny windows, soft comfy beds and couches I would loved to come keep you company. Please click the green button to find out how we can be friends forever!
Please don’t forget to read my Medical notes, I will need you to give me tablets which I will eat out of your hand.

Medical notes
Wendy has Epilepsy which is controlled by the medication she has every day. She takes the tablet quickly & easily.

Wendy is also desexed, wormed, vaccinated & microchipped