Arti is a gentle boy who just loves everybody and life in general. He is such a happy boy who lives each day with joy.

He loves his humans and enjoys chilling on the couch with you as you watch tv. He thinks he’s a lap dog and wants to nestle up beside or preferably on you.

Arti adores his walks and wants to say hello to every dog and person you meet. He is incredibly gentle and loves to try and engage other dogs in play.

He is brilliant in the car and loves to feel the wind through his hair and then settle down for a quick snooze.

He is toilet trained and has no separation anxiety quite happily left alone snoozing on the couch if you have to go out.

He would make a great family dog or a loyal companion for a couple or single.

Arti has not been tested with cats. Due to his size he is not suitable with young children.

Arti has had major hip surgery and had undergone 3 months of rehab. He has recovered remarkably well but his new home will need to be dedicated to ensuring he does his exercises and limits his jumping.