Meet the gorgeous Mellie and Topher. This sensational duo is ready for adoption. Mellie and her babies were rescued and brought into care, when her kittens where still very you. Mellie and one of her beautiful bubbas (Topher) have become exceptionally close and they would like to find a forever home together.

Mellie is a beautiful and gentle natured cat and an amazing mum to three kittens: Topher, Echo and Whiskey. Mellie’s past has led her to be a bit of wary kitty who is not a big fan of being picked up. On solid ground however, Mellie is an affectionate and smoochy girl who adores her pats and face scratches. She is a very loving cat who has an endearing cat-ality. She is still just a kitten herself and often likes to joins in with her babies for play fights.

Topher is mum’s doppelganger (eye colour is a bit different) and her little side buddy. He is an energetic and playful little munchkin who adores his belly scratches and cuddles. Topher can simply be described as adorable. He is especially cute when he plays with his favourites, dangly-toys and ping pong balls. Topher has a charming and inquisitive nature.

Mellie and Topher come with their own soundtrack (i.e., purrs) that can be turned on by patting or scratching them a couple of times.

What we need:
Lots of love
Relatively quiet home
Temptations (Topher)
Mellie and Topher have not shown any aggressive to date. They were fostered in a single person household and continue to be a bit timid around new people and with loud environments. They have not had any experience with children and dogs.

The best news is that Forever Friends Animal Rescue love seeing mum and babies spend their lives together in their forever home, so Mellie comes free when you adopt her baby boy. They will both come desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Are you their forever humans?