About Mama Mia
Mama Mia is a gentle and curious cat who loves affection and being social (she loves sleeping in what ever room people are in and joining you on the sofa for tv time). Her history before being rescued is unknown but she is very happy being an indoor cat and taking advantage of any sunny spots she can find to snooze in. Unfortunately, Mama Mia is prone to seizures and requires twice daily medication for it (she isn’t a huge fan of pills but is fine with the liquid version). She also has some skin sensitivities that leave her with small bald patches when she is stressed and is prone to extra shedding, but with a relaxing home environment and her preferred biscuits that help with her skin, both conditions are very manageable. She will be a cat that has continuing health issues and will require a home that can accommodate them.

Mama Mia would be great for a calm home as an indoor cat, she has met other cats and shown an interest but would be okay being an only cat or living with another calm cat.