Hello world, my name is Patsu, and I’m currently living with my foster family and my new best friend Panko! We’re a great pair and have been teaching each other a lot about how to be good cats, like how to play fight without claws and how to meow the loudest for food!

I’m much more comfortable around humans than Panko, you can pick me up and hold me in your arms or around your neck if you’re feeling adventurous! I’m incredibly soft and loving and only use my claws when playing with a toy or the scratching pole.

I love play-fighting and running around the house with Panko, and I love the interactive toys with my humans like the cat wand – a little fish on the end of a string and stick!

I’m very food-oriented, if you need me out of a room and into another, just shake my food packet and I’ll come running! My foster mum says I have the cutest sleeping face too!

At meal times, Panko and I go a bit crazy, so my humans have to be careful and put the bowls down in sync about arm’s length apart to stop us storming one bowl… We’re growing young boys, what can I say!

Like many kittens, I can be a bit mischievous and enjoy jumping on the kitchen counter or dining table looking for food so I’ll need a little patience and gentle reminders that there’s no food up there for kitties!

A word from my foster Mum:
Patsu is such a cute little kitten, it still amazes me how comfortable he is around humans and how much he doesn’t use his claws – he doesn’t knead or try to cling onto you, just a trusting, soft little fluff ball! I think he’d be great around kids. Patsu and Panko have not been tested with dogs.