Hoya is a stunning female cat who has had a challenging start to her young life. Despite this, she has been an amazing mother to all of her kittens and is now ready for the playful kittenhood she missed out on earlier. She loves finding sunny spots to snooze in, and when given lots of love and snuggles (and especially food!), she will be your best friend in no time! Hoya also has experience living with two big dogs and although she hasn’t yet met other cats, she would surely enjoy their company if they are friendly.

For Hoya’s forever home, it would be ideal for someone to be home more often than not so that she can get the attention and love that she deserves. Additionally, having access to an outdoor enclosure or big windows where she can explore the outside world safely would bring her great joy. If you are looking for a beautiful house panther with gorgeous eyes who loves cuddles and food then Hoya could be the perfect fit for your family!