Meet Larry!

Larry is a sweet and gentle rescue cat who loves to cuddle in at night time. He may be a bit shy at first, but once he feels comfortable around you, he will show his true colors and become your best friend. Larry is sleek and shiny with beautiful fur, so don’t be surprised if everyone wants to touch him.

In addition to being a great companion, Larry also loves to play with his feline friends. He has an outgoing personality that makes him the life of the party when it comes to cats. And don’t get us started on his purring game – he has one of the loudest purrs ever!

Larry doesn’t care for dogs but may in time get used to a cat friendly dog. He would prefer a quieter home so no kids under 5 please.

Larry MUST have other cats in the household who he can be friends with, he adores other cats. And he must be able to sleep on your bed with you as that’s his favorite time of day snuggling with his human.

All in all, Larry is an amazing cat who will make an awesome addition to any home.

PS. Larry’s foster mum takes terrible photo’s – Larry is way more handsome in real life.