Hi everyone! My name is Raisin and I’d love to become your best friend.

I’m a little bit more than a year-old boy, who absolutely LOVES cuddles, all sorts of snuggles and head bumps. My foster mum says I’m very friendly, cuddly, and affectionate boy. I’m a proud owner of light green eyes and big, pointy ears. All this makes me a very elegant cat 😊

I love food and any kind of treats. If you will allow me, I’d love to be cuddled up in your lap while you work or watch TV. My favourite position is on your shoulder, there I feel safe and warm (please see one of the pictures 😊).

As I still learn how to play, I’d love to be in a home, where all children are older than 10 years. My favourite toy is a simple string, and I can chase it for hours. I’m very good with any other cat, and I wouldn’t mind having a cat friend to play, or a friendly dog who respects my space.