MEET SALLY! The most gorgeous little Bulldog you ever did see! Sally is a classic female bulldog – a bossy girl who loves attention to herself. She gets along with some dogs – a preference for laid back males – as she likes to get her own way and be first in line for everything. She may be suited to living as an only-dog however depending on the dog, a friendly desexed male could also be a good companion. She has spent time successfully with a male bulldog mix and a ridgeback x male. Sally is best in a home without cats and small animals as she like to chase them for fun!

Sally’s hobbies include sleeping, eating, sleeping, yoga poses on the couch, sleeping and getting as many pats as possible. She is an active girl, walks enthusiastically on leash and may even enjoy doing some dog sports or obedience club!

Sally wound up at a shelter after being used as a breeding dog for most of her life. She had a terrible skin infection, but whilst Sally’s skin has drastically improved over the last few months, she does suffer from allergic skin disease. She will need regular malaseb (medicated shampoo) baths, and regular ear cleans as she produces ear wax like she is a candle factory! She also loves having her vitamin E cream applied which helps protect her skin. Occasionally she may need further medications to help manage her skin. However since being on a good quality diet (we love Royal Canin Skin Support or Hills Derm food) her skin has never looked better.