Maverick and Matilda (Tilly) were rescued by Forever Friends from a country pound around 18 months ago.

Devoted to each other, they have been excellent guardians of chickens, sheep and goats at Forever Friends’ animal sanctuary, but now we’d like them to retire so they can have some well-earned R&R, chill with a loving family and have some spoiling after many years of paddock service. They would absolutely lap it up!

Matilda is almost nine years old, and Maverick seven. They are both super friendly, gentle with children and love cuddles and tummy rubs.

We were told they had been poultry guardians for a previous owner, but we can also guess that Matilda had been used for breeding a great many puppies, and that Maverick is probably her son. She in particular deserves some pampering!

Their ideal home is a small rural property where they can be part of a family, with indoor sleeping and a large yard to roam in during the day (with a bit of guarding thrown in for good measure).

No suburban applications will be considered – Maremma are not suitable for urban areas due to their tendency to bark.

Are Mav and Tilly your Forever Friends?